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Our Team


At the office

Photo of Rebecca Archer

Rebecca Archer Land & Development Manager

Becky joined the Land & Development department after graduating from Lancaster University. At first, having a degree seemed to indicate that making a drink didn’t even register on the radar.....but we soon sorted that out! Becky’s “up to the minute” fashion sense gives us great scope for taking the mickey – and we are getting really, really good at it. As is typical of all the younger members of staff, Becky has only been here a few weeks..... but now amazingly knows everything........us older ones must have been slow learners over 30 years!!

Photo of Rob Cucksey

Rob Cucksey Construction Manager

Rob has the theme tune from 'Mission Impossible' as his ring tone on his mobile phone - and he tries to convince us that that just about sums his job up….

Photo of Marc Cucksey

Marc Cucksey Accounts

Marc has recently joined the accounts team and is the 'baby' of the company. He's very quiet - in fact so quiet, we don't know he's here half the time!

Photo of Neil Kempster

Neil Kempster Land and Development Director

We're still not sure what Neil does - he drives round the county in a big car purporting to buy land, but really we think he is working for the opposition - judging by the price we pay for sites! Due to his spikey hair, he is known as ' The Mole' - we just hope that his two lovely daughters have inherited their hair from their mum!

Photo of Vince Manterfield

Vince Manterfield Surveyor

Mr Motorsport himself - Vince is building his very own kit car - or should we say he has started to build his own kit car. He has been doing it so long that he is on the third set of cills - although it is a bit quicker than when he is sorting out the price increases for the lads on site! Vince does a good job at negotiating with our contractors - he will deny the rumours that he was thrown out the Gestapo for cruelty!

Photo of David Newton

David Newton Managing Director

You would not find a more generous, understanding, likeable boss anywhere. He looks afer his staff and customers as if they were family. Talking of families, he is also a devoted family man and goes to the ends of the earth to ensure their happiness ( bet you can't guess who wrote this??) Now for the 'real' Dave Newton ( what 'the staff' say). With a boss like Dave, it's hard to see how anyone other than the staff of 'The Office' could have more fun at work. Always open to creative design ideas and new building techniques ( as long as he comes up with them! ).

Photo of Liz Penniston

Liz Penniston Sales Administrator

Liz has worked for the company for over 11 years, starting as a sales negotiator before moving to head office to become an 'excellent sales administrator' ( her words, not ours..) She is now the Sales Administrator. She likes her holidays - the more exotic the better and is a keen swimmer, although we have it on good authority that she doesn't often make it as far as the pool, just has a coffee and then wets her hair so that her partner Andy is none the wiser when she gets home!

Photo of Paul Rennison

Paul Rennison Financial Controller

Paul is in charge of the accounts department, and can usually be seen in his office buried beneath lots of spreadsheets. Paul gets a real kick out of making up long formulas on his spreadsheets then delights in showing you them ( usually they don't work!).....possibly needs to get out more!


Some of our site staff

Photo of Mick Burridge

Mick Burridge Contracts Manager

Mick is the 'Biggles' of Chestnut Homes, being a fully qualified glider pilot. He likes nothing better than to be floating around in the clouds ...Mick is also the proud owner of a motorbike and is still trying to convince his wife to go away with him on biking weekends. Stick to the gliding Mick......


Our Developments

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