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Early Bird

The early bird really does catch the worm with our fantastic Early Bird Scheme.

Simply reserve a new home and we will help you to sell your existing home, AND pay your Estate Agency fees!!

  • We will liaise with your Estate Agent, to arrange a correct and fair valuation of your property.
  • We will then work closely with your Estate Agent to try to ensure that your home is sold in the shortest possible time.
  • Once a buyer for your home has been found, we will monitor and assist all the purchasers in the ‘chain’, to try and ensure that the sales proceeds to completion as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Our Early Bird Scheme will enable you to select your preferred plot, AND (depending on the stage of construction) you will be able to style your new home to suit your tastes from our Chestnut Choices range of finishes, and extensive list of Extras.
  • Have a less stressful move and leave the worrying to us!

No stress, No hassle, No Estate Agency Fees,
AND a brand new home tailored to your tastes & needs!

**This scheme is available at all developments, by may not be available on all properties. Please speak to our sales advisors for details.


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