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10th May 2016

A Ground Breaking Day at the Breaking Ground Ceremony in Boston

Work has now started on the first phase of The Quadrant in Boston after Peter Bedford, Leader of the Boston Borough Council took the controls of an excavator to formally commence work on the site at yesterday's Breaking Ground Ceremony.


The project is set to include around 500 new homes; a new community stadium for Boston United; a hotel; leisure and retail units,  as well as the first section of a new distributor road.


Peter Bedford told local reporter, BBC Radio Lincolnshire: “As far as Boston is concerned, this first section of distributor road is absolutely essential for the whole life of the town.”


He went on to add that working with developers like Chestnut Homes, “is the only way that roads like this will be delivered these days.”


Matt Warman, local MP for Boston and Skegness also supports the work, which needs to be carried out for the improved infrastructure for his constituents in Boston. He told BBC Radio Lincolnshire, “When we look back in maybe 10 years or so, we will identify this as the beginning of the distributor road that is finally delivering a project that Boston has been talking about for literally generations.”


Speaking at the event, David Newton, Managing Director at Chestnut Homes said, “We are absolutely delighted to see work on this development commence, and is the culmination of 13 years work.


"It’s been a real journey, and is only by all parties working together with a common goal that has lead us to this point today and we’re delighted to invite Peter Bedford over to break the ground for us to officially commence the work on The Quadrant."


The construction of the roundabout on the A16 will take between 24 and 26 weeks to complete. Chestnut Homes have worked closely with Lincolnshire County Council and the civil engineering contractor, Daniel Charles Construction Ltd to plan the works to try to ensure minimum disruption to traffic flows.


The development of the housing and the stadium is hoped to start around September / October 2016.


See more information on how we intend to minimise disruption on the A16 in our previous story.
See the video by Scott Dalton at BBC Radio Lincolnshire on their Facebook page.
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