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3rd November 2017

Become a DIY expert by watching our favourite YouTube Guides

If you’re like many Brits, DIY is simply a part of life, and you take pride in “doing it yourself” and up-cycling old pieces of furniture so you can give them new life. However did you know the top 4 home improvements for adding value to your property?


1. Loft Conversion – on average a loft conversions adds £30k to the value of a property.


2. New Kitchen – adding the wow factor to your family kitchen is worth on average an extra £12k.


3. New Bathroom – updating the smallest but arguably one of the most important rooms adds an extra £6k.


4. New windows – help your home become more energy efficient and add an extra £5k to your house value.


Don’t know where to start? YouTube has become a haven not only for music videos, bloggers and funny videos, but many people now use it as a helpful resource for ‘How to’ videos.


Here are some of our favourites that might help you out in your new home…


How to Hang Wallpaper

Always a scary task if you’ve never attempted it before. Here decorator Harry Anstice talks you through the steps and has some top tips!


Shabby Chic Your Furniture

Don’t spend hundreds of pounds on the latest trends. Buy second hand furniture or upcycle what you already have and let Rebecca Perfect show you how to ‘shabby chic’ your old wooden furniture.  


How to Prep and Paint a Room in a Morning

A video from the American Family Handyman magazine full of great tips such as lighting up tricky areas…


How to Hang a Picture Frame

One of the great things about buying your first home is getting to personalise it with your favourite photos. Take a look at how best to hang them.


How to Remove Wallpaper

Some people love ripping off wallpaper, but for others it is a chore.  Learn some tricks of the trade here with John Ripper.


Laying a Patio

Looking to lay a patio yourself? You might want to let Philippa Tuttiett show you how…


Small Living Room Ideas

Not a ‘how to’ video, but some great interior design ideas for small living rooms. Just think ‘Pinterest’ and you’re there!


Good luck with your projects!

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