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23rd August 2017

Could Help to Buy help you get on the property ladder?

Here at Chestnut Homes we've teamed up with the lovely Nicola Burrell from Nicola Burrell Mortgages in Boston to create a whole host of videos explaining the government backed Help to Buy scheme.


The aim of the videos is to inform people about the scheme and to explain the elements, who is eligible and what they need to do to apply.


Marketing Manager Chrissy Dodman explained:


"We felt that a lot of people know about the Help to Buy scheme, but they are unsure of what it actually is, how is works and how equity loans are paid back.


"We want to give people as much information on the scheme as possible so they can decide if it is right for them.


"We teamed up with Nicola as she has used the scheme to enable many clients to get onto the property ladder - including many Chestnut Homes first time buyers."


Nicola Burrell who works from the Fairweathers Estate Agents offices in Dolphin Lane, Boston continued...


"Many people don't know that they can use Help to Buy even if they aren't first time buyers.


These videos will hopefully help to explain the scheme and open it up to more people."


You can watch all of the videos on the Chestnut Homes YouTube Channel.


To find out more about the Help to Buy scheme, visit our dedicated Help to Buy page.

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