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5th April 2018

Housebuilder donates Knight as tribute to artist

A Lincolnshire housebuilder has donated one of its Lincoln Knights as a tribute to its artist, who sadly passed away last year.


Valerie Osment, one of the artists to take part in the Lincoln Knight’s Trail last year, died after a short illness.  


Chestnut Homes purchased Valerie’s knight at the trail’s charity auction last September and has gifted the statue to her husband Chris.


Her knight, known as Knight Music, was inspired by Bonnie Tyler’s 1984 hit ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ and placed on High Bridge for the duration of the trail.


It will now be housed at Valerie’s studio in Essex as a tribute to the artist.


Chris said: “Valerie was incredibly positive in every aspect of life and that would always shine through in her work.


“The Knight Music sculpture was the last piece we worked on together so it’s very important to both me and the family to have it back here with us.


“I’d like to thank Chestnut Homes for such a generous donation. Having her work back with me fills my home with Valerie’s positivity and for that I’m incredibly grateful.”


Chestnut Homes was one of the 36 companies to sponsor a Knight at last year’s Lincoln Knights’ Trail.


David Newton, Managing Director of Chestnut Homes, said: “Valerie was clearly an incredibly talented artist and we were all terribly saddened to hear about her passing last year.


“Her Knight Music statue is a real testament to her creativity and skill and made a wonderful companion for our very own Construction Knight. However, we felt it was only fitting for the knight to return to Valerie’s personal studio.


“It was lovely to meet Chris and to present him with the knight so it can be admired alongside the rest of Valerie’s work.”


Every Knight was sold at a charity auction, which raised £178,000 for local homeless charity The Nomad Trust and a new Art and Innovation Fund set up for the city of Lincoln.

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