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16th April 2015

Praise for considerate Chestnut Homes teams

Our construction teams who are building new homes at Willoughby Chase in Alford and Kings Manor, Coningsby, have been praised for their efforts to be considerate.


We are signed up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, a voluntary programme which encourages participants to adhere to standards of best practice, above and beyond the statutory requirements.


As part of the scheme, monitors visit registered developments regularly to assess the arrangements on site.


Each site is scored for its appearance, safety on site, and the developer’s efforts to work with the local community. Sites are also rated for the housebuilder’s efforts to protect the environment and value its workforce. These scores are then combined to give an overall rating out of 50.


When Kings Manor was visited by a scheme monitor, the development was awarded an impressive total score of 35 out of 50, while the team at Willoughby Chase received an excellent score of 39 out of 50 following a recent visit, which is ‘Performance Beyond Compliance.’


Chestnut Homes Director Robert Newton said: “Our standards on site are very important to us, so we’re proud to be part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.


“Maintaining a tidy, presentable and safe site, treating our neighbours with respect and engaging with the local community are all of the utmost importance to us, so while the scheme is voluntary, we feel that our participation in it shows that we are completely committed to maintaining high standards.


“We’re delighted that Willoughby Chase and Kings Manor received such high scores after their latest visits and we’re committed to maintaining and improving on these standards.”


The Considerate Constructors Scheme monitor who visited Willoughby Chase praised the site’s appearance to the public and said that the development created an “excellent impression”.


The monitor also praised our work with John Spendluffe Technology College in Alford, which involved a group of 60 pupils visiting Willoughby Chase as part of their studies. The pupils also took part in a subsequent competition to design a new home.


Following their visit to Kings Manor, the monitor praised the site for being “clean, tidy and well organised”.


We are building a total of 107 homes at Willoughby Chase, which is located off Willoughby Road in Alford. Building work began in January 2013 and 76 homes have already been completed.


We are building 66 new homes within Phase 2 at Kings Manor, located off Old Boston Road in Coningsby. The first 68 homes at Kings Manor were built between 2007 and 2012, and construction of the homes within Phase 2 began last summer.

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