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2nd October 2023

Autumn home décor inspiration for your new build house



1. Hang an autumn wreath 

These doorstep decorations aren’t just for the Christmas season. Woody branches and eye-catching autumnal foliage make a stunning autumn wreath that adds a splash of colour to your home. You can also display your autumn cuttings in vases around the home in place of big summer blooms to bring a sense of the outdoors, indoors.  


2. Picture-perfect pumpkins 

Carving not your thing? Skip the mess and try stencilling or painting pumpkins with creative designs. Not only do they make eye-catching statement pieces to add to a room, but it can be a fun family activity for a relaxing evening in. 


3. Create ambience with sensory finishing touches 

The noise of a crackling fire and seasonal scents are a super simple way to create an atmosphere in your home. Try bold statement candles to fill the room with the scent of warming spices and go for containers in deep, jewel tones to add pops of colour around the home. If you have a functioning fireplace, a roaring fire is ideal for the ultimate snug night in. 


4. Rugs and throws 

Add warmth, texture and colour with fluffy throws, chunky knit blankets and plush rugs that draw the eye. Cover bare floorboards, create a focal point and warm up the room all in one go. Rugs can also help to designate distinct zones in the home. Add personality, layer up and soften hard stone or wood flooring in a matter of minutes.  


5. Create cosy nooks 

Open-plan rooms are light and airy, perfect for summer when you want to create a feeling of space. You might want to mix things up come autumn by creating smaller, more secluded spaces where you can curl up and relax in a cosy corner. Rearrange the furniture to make a peaceful spot where you can read a book and enjoy a cup of tea or an evening tipple. 


6. Add earthy accents 

Adding woody, earthy tones and natural elements into your space screams “autumn” and is the perfect complement to fluffy throws, plush rugs and cushions. Wooden furniture, homeware and accessories balance out bright autumnal orange shades and create an inviting feel that draws you in. 


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