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29th May 2020

Customer Care Information

To prevent unnecessary contact and help control the spread of the Covid-19 virus in line with the latest Government advice, we have suspended all non-urgent customer care items until further notice.


Urgent items are defined below - Please read carefully to minimise any unnecessary call outs.


We will try to keep this service available for as long as possible, but the service may be withdrawn should government guidance change



  • If you are self-isolating, unfortunately we cannot attend your property.
  • If we do attend, strict social distancing must always be maintained.
  • The decision to attend will be at the sole discretion of the plumbing company and the electrical contractor.


Once “normal working” is resumed, clearly, we will have a backlog of work and would ask that you help us by only reporting items that are covered by the NHBC Warranty.

Please read the details of NHBC cover in the handbook that was given to you when you purchased your property.


These are unprecedented times, and we all need to work together to make sure that as many people come through this safe and well,

and then the country can recover as quickly as possible afterwards.


For our customer who are running to the end of the Chestnut Homes 2 year warranty period this will be extended on a week by week basis subject to government restrictions. 


Thank you for your anticipated help.


Look after each other, and stay safe


The Chestnut Homes Team


Emergency items must fall within the categories below: - 


  • Electrical issues

    • A danger from shock could arise

    • Total loss of power is experienced

    • Loss of power to boiler and/or electrical appliances is experienced


If the electric trips-off at the consumer unit, it is possible that one of the appliances may be causing the issue. Therefore, before contacting us please unplug all your appliances, computers, phones etc., then re-plug them in one by one to see if the fault re-occurs.

If that does not solve the issue, please contact the electrical contractor below for your development: -


The Quadrant, Boston; Bridgeways, Alford; The Meadows, Dunholme; LN6, Lincoln;

Manor Farm, Bardney; The Chimes, Louth or Railways Paths, Boston

Aveland Electrical

07551 776778 or 07734 329222


Kings Manor, Coningsby or Saxon Fields, Skegness

CV Electrical

01205 619523 or 07502 453274


  • Appliance issues

    • Faulty integrated appliances must be reported to the manufacturer directly – details are in the Handover Manual that you were given when you purchased the property.


  • Plumbing and/or heating issues

    • Sanitaryware leaks and excessive loss of water that could not be contained within a bucket and cannot wait until normal working is resumed

    • Total loss of heating or hot water


If the heating and/or hot water fails, it is possible that the boiler may have suffered a loss in pressure. This is not a fault and can occur from time to time. Full details on how to re-pressurise the boiler are contained in the boiler operating manual that was given to you when you purchased the property. Please check that it is not a pressure problem before contacting us.

If the pressure is fine but the problem persists, please contact the plumbing contractor below for your development: -


Bridgeways, Alford; Kings Manor, Coningsby; The Meadows, Dunholme; LN6, Lincoln.

Manor Farm, Bardney; Saxon Fields, Skegness or The Chimes, Louth


07961 954008 or 07736 422460


The Quadrant, Boston or Railways Paths, Boston

Central Plumbing & Heating

07377 663312


  • Smell of gas/Gas escape

 In the event of a gas leak:

  • Turn off the gas at the meter, if it is safe to do so. The location of the meter and stop-cock should be stated in the Homeowner’s Information Card

  • Extinguish all naked flames

  • Open all doors and windows


Call the gas company on its emergency number: 0800 111 999.

There is no call-out charge


Please follow the above to minimise call outs and the subsequent risk of social contact, however we want to you to be safe and warm in your home, so do report matters that require urgent attention.


IMPORTANT: The decision as to whether to attend will be at the sole discretion of the plumbing company and the electrical contractor. They will be balancing staff & customer safety against how serious the reported issue is. At some point government guidance may change where they may not be able to attend at all.


Thank you for your help during these very difficult times




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