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5th April 2018

Moving to your new home? Take a look at our handy checklist!

The main headache of moving is of course the packing, living out of boxes and unpacking, but we’ve made a handy list of other things you need to remember to organise…


Change of address

You’ll need to let a whole host of people and companies know that you have moved so they can contact you and keep your commitments and contracts valid. We’ve made a handy list below…

  • Your bank, any loans and credit cards
  • Any items you own on a credit basis such as your car lease
  • DVLA
  • Any store cards you have
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Your doctors/dentist/opticians
  • Your children’s schools
  • Your employee
  • Any loans you have as well as student loans


Don’t forget you can also put a redirect on your mail via Royal Mail. This costs £33.99 for each separate surname in the household and this can be arranged for 3, 6 or 12 months.


You should contact your home insurance provider to transfer your policy across. This may incur and admin fee and your premium could go up or down depending on where you are moving to. This also applies for your car insurance.


You should take your final meter readings for your utility bills and let the companies know you have moved. When in your new home you will need to take new meter readings and set up your payments.


You will need to inform your local council that you are moving to update your council tax payments.


For your new home you will need to arrange a new TV licence.


Don’t forget you will need to register to vote.


Friends & Family

Ensure you send out a message or card with your new address to all of your nearest and dearest.


Removal companies

Ask for recommendations for a trusted removal company and source quotes. Ensure you find out about insurance if your move is delayed for any reason. Make a list of any special or fragile items or ones that may be forgotten – perhaps carpets or curtains that are coming with you.



You may wish to plan for someone to take care of your pets and/or children on the day of your move to ensure your focus is on the move. If they will be staying away overnight ensure to pack a bag of what they will need in advance so you don’t have to rummage through boxes.


Parking & Access

If your new home requires a parking permit or your removal company will need special access or space ensure you organise this in advance.  Perhaps there is a fob or key code to a gate or door, test this in advance if you can or have a phone number for a contact who could help you on the day.


Good luck in your new home!

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