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13th February 2024

Top 10 interior design trends you’ll see in 2024

Author: Helene Key 

The new year has arrived and we’re raring to go to give our homes a fresh new look. Whether it’s a style overhaul or some fresh touches such as a feature wall or ceiling with a pop of colour, a creative office space or even an eye-catching new headboard, shake off the winter gloom by planning a revamp, big or small.  

Talking us through the myriad of exciting opportunities for 2024 are the style experts at Edward Thomas Interiors, who we work closely with to create our showstopping show homes. 

Account manager Megan Doherty and digital account executive Sam Jones pride themselves on having their fingers on the design trend pulse. Here they share their style tips to suit all budgets and tastes this year… 

Try our 10 interior design trends for 2024 

1. Choose a pop of must-have colour for 2024 

Our big colour prediction for 2024 is…buttery yellow. A lighter, pastel shade of classic yellow, this is a fun tone that will brighten up any room while blending well with neutral colours. 

“The darker yellows have been a very Instagrammable colour palette for the past few years, with colours such as ochre and leaning into caramel shades,” says Sam. “Now a lighter, straw-like yellow is going to be the big story. It can be used for a standalone ‘wow factor’ or matched with neutrals like whites and greys.” 

Megan adds: “It will look great in any spaces where you haven’t got much natural light, such as a kitchen, bathroom or WC and is an uplifting colour that will help to see you through the winter months.” 

2.  Shimmering silver 

Luxury-looking silver has been somewhat overlooked in the past year as gold has taken centre stage - but expect to see it feature in a range of home accessories such as lighting, furniture and on wallpapers, adding a lustrous effect to walls and bringing depth to a room. 

“We’re seeing a lot of pearlescent finishes and liquid mercury style effects which all add a touch of glamour to any room,” says Sam. “Silver works well with dramatic black or lighter greys and whites too - it’s a good look for first-time buyers to adapt as there will be a lot of these products on the high street. It’s all about making a statement this year.”   

3. Embrace sustainability 

The popularity of upcycling and breathing new life into older pieces is as strong as ever this year. 

Homeowners are increasingly looking for sustainable materials too - think of adding lots of natural materials, such as wood, stone and linen, to your home.  

“We recently decorated a bedroom with wallpaper made from recycled cork,” says Sam. “It was quite a geometric look, with small blocks of slightly different coloured corks - it was very striking.” 

Homeowners are also choosing furniture that lasts. “It might be a little bit more expensive but it’s worth investing in,” says Megan. “We’re also seeing people being interested in second-hand items of furniture or upcycling their current pieces.” 

4. Paint it bold

Use a striking paint colour to make a feature in a room stand out, such as a wall arch with bookshelves in a different shade or a brightly coloured ceiling. It also works brilliantly for separating sections of an open-plan space such as a kitchen.  

“While the wallpaper trend is definitely here to stay, paint features are really making a comeback,” says Megan. “They’re easy to recreate and a lot cheaper than papering a whole wall or room. You could have a two-tone effect with navy at the top of a wall and cream below - it softens the look but still has impact.” 

Sam adds: “Paint features can add drama and a bit of fun, such as having a bright pink ceiling, which is popular in children’s bedrooms. The rest of the room can be painted in neutral colours. People are so used to seeing white ceilings and striking colours on the walls - it’s about flipping it on its head.”

5. Feel-good decor

Consider ditching the beige this year and going for all-out colour, with vivid hues that create the ‘dopamine’ effect - boosting your mood and releasing the brain’s feel-good hormone. Whether that’s fun shades for walls, curtains, furnishings and accessories, or clashing colours and textiles, it will bring a sense of joy, says Megan. 

“This links back to the trend for strong paint effects,” she says. “It’s bright and quirky and just makes you smile when you walk into the room as it’s filled with all the colours that you love. It works well in different zones - you can go all-out in the living room or the dining room, for example.” 

6. Welcome nature into your home 

Feel closer to nature by surrounding yourself with plants of all descriptions and create your own ‘indoor garden’ or living wall. Natural lighting and soft, neutral furnishings add to the calming atmosphere. 

“People can be obsessed with plants and enjoy giving their interior design a real lift with them. This biophilic concept that connects us with natural environments is part of the sustainable and circular design elements that are proving so popular,” says Megan. 

7. Playful rugs 

Make a statement with a stand-out rug in 2024, using different, curved shapes rather than traditional rectangles and squares featuring strong, bold patterns. 

“Rugs are going to be a lot more fun and bold - they work really well with a pared-back neutral scheme and become a talking point in their own right,” says Megan. “There’ll be lots of jewel-like tones as well as clashing colours this year. 

“They don’t have to cost a lot of money either. For example, Dunelm has some fabulous rugs at the moment. It’s an affordable way to change the look of a room.”  

8. Focus on wellness 

With more of us wanting the ideal space where we can go to switch off after a day at work - especially if we’ve been working from home - creating a quiet, welcoming spot is key.  

Dedicated spaces for yoga or mindfulness moments and calm reading nooks can all promote a more relaxed lifestyle and improved work-life balance. Use earthy, natural colours like stone, grey or calming blues and greens - and even orange and clay hues. 

“If you have a house with a study, you can turn it into a place where you can meditate, have a home gym or a yoga mat and be surrounded by plants,” says Megan. 

“You can adapt the wellness theme for your children’s bedrooms too, creating a scene of comfort and relaxation. We recently decorated a bedroom linking to the children’s story ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’ to do that – and it added a lovely storytelling element.”   

9. Colourful headboards 

Brighten up a bedroom with a bespoke, eye-catching headboard in different sizes, styles and fabrics.  

“Scalloped headboards will be popular, using textured and printed fabrics. You could have a standalone paint colour on the walls but with an interesting headboard that can be a focal point in the room,” says Megan. “One of our Chestnut Homes show houses had a lovely fruit-patterned headboard made from two different shapes which gave a 3D effect. 

“You can even update your old headboard yourself, if there’s a particular fabric you like - simply fit it over the headboard and staple into place at the back to transform the look.” 

10. Working from home 

With working from home here to stay, people are becoming more creative with their office spaces and finding interesting nooks and crannies - no longer just perching in the spare bedroom.  

“It’s a consideration when dressing homes in around 95% of our projects for housebuilders,” says Megan. “You can use living rooms and open-plan kitchens, as long as you create a ‘zone’ for your desk space with feature paint. And you can create a 3D effect with LED lighting behind the desk to make the area more of a feature.” 

Sam adds: “Depending on the size of the property, you can really use your imagination and be clever with the space. We’ve made desks in cupboards, in corners of rooms, behind a kitchen door, on airy landings and even in a fitted wardrobe, so the desk could be shut away at the end of the day.” 

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