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5th October 2017

Top 7 Tips for a Stress Free Move

Tip #1 - Create a move plan & start packing early!
Start planning your move as soon as possible. Start collecting boxes and packaging materials and begin to pack the things you won’t be needing access to for a while. Remember to label those boxes! Create yourself a 'To do' list and tick jobs off such as booking any storage and removals. Get your hands on a printable moving house checklist here.


Tip #2 - Declutter as you pack up
We’ve all been there… we move things from box to box and house to house and never use them! Use this opportunity to donate things you don’t need or want to charity or friends and family. Use this handy charity shop map finder to find your nearest charity shop to donate.  


Tip #3 - Save money and empty the fridge/freezer
Start eating all of the foods from your fridge/freezer and buy less when you go shopping to avoid waste on moving day. It is worth noting that after a move you should let your fridge/freezer rest (not switch it on) for between 6 to 24 hours depending on how it has been moved – 24 hours if it has been laid flat. You can read more about how best to move your fridge/freezer here


Tip #4 - Ask your friends & family for help
Can anyone help you dismantle your furniture or help put it back up again? Can you get friends and family round for a decorating party? If you have children can anyone help look after them on moving day? Call in as many favours as you can! If you can't find any free help, try finding a trusted removal company on


Tip #5 - Keep a list of contact numbers handy
Whom might you need to contact on moving day but their number will be on a card in a box somewhere? Store all the numbers in your phone or keep a list in your purse or wallet.


Tip #6 - Don't start your move on an empty stomach
You are going to hungry and tired and will need sustenance to keep you going. Keep some snacks and bottles of water handy that won’t need refrigeration. Don’t forget to get an early night too!


Tip #7 - Remember to change accounts to your address!
Write a list of every person and all companies that will need your new address and tick them off. Think banks, store cards, work, driving licences, passports, insurances any deliveries or subscriptions. You can always re-direct your mail via Royal Mail's re-direction service


We wish you a hassle and stress-free house move!

Just remember, you will soon be relaxing in your new home. 


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